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what is GFI?

What is The Grassroots Freedom Initiative?

The Grassroots Freedom Initiative (GFI) is a group of people in Ohio who came together to fight for the soul of our country, state, and Ohio Republican Party. We saw a need to unite disparate groups of concerned Ohio voters. Our goal is to connect, organize, and unite the thousands of "activated" conservatives to battle a biased media, a rigged political process, and destructive mindsets that keep "Citizen Candidates" from winning elections. Then use state-of-the-art communication paths to get information to people the way they want it.

The foundational core are people who worked together trying to fight corrupt establishment candidates and political operatives during Ohio's first 2022 primary election. We were successful in waking people up and moving the needle away from "insiders" to Citizen Candidates. We want this momentum to continue!

Please join us!

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Volunteers are essential to the success of the grassroots movement in Ohio.

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