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Alt (Alternative) News Sources
News sources that aren't part of the legacy, mainstream media (MSM).
Candidate, Party, and Political Action Committee Financial Information Sites
Links to websites for information on candidates, elected office-holders plus information on committees for candidates, parties, PACs, Super PACs, to find financial information. Find out who is funding who and what.
County-Level Information (Ohio)
Where to go to find information on your county GOP & Board of Elections (BOE).
Documentaries GFI People Recommend
Documentaries recommended by GFI's People across Ohio.
Educating Our Children
Information on the issues keeping our kids from getting the education they deserve, like Critical Race Theory, Comprehensive Sex Education, and Social Emotional Learning.
Election Integrity
Information on Election Integrity
Health Freedom, COVID, Vaccines, Mandates, Lock-Downs, CDC, FDA, WHO
Links to information on what's going on with these organizations, issues, and topics.
Information on homeschooling.
Important Documents
The founding documents of the United States as well as other "must read" & "should read" documents, all in one handy place.
Liberal Myths & Misinformation
Find truthful & factual responses to liberal dishonesty & misrepresentations.
Ohio's Governing Structure - What Every Voter Needs to Know
Information about how Ohio's government is structured that every Ohio voter needs to know.
Patriot Groups (Ohio)
A listing of patriot groups across Ohio sorted by county & city.
Podcasts GFI People Like
Podcasts GFI people recommend to others.
Political Party Information
Where to go for information specific to Ohio's various political parties.
Race In America
Truth, facts, and data about race relations in America.
Track Federal & Ohio Legislation
Sites where you can go to understand & track federal & state legislation as it winds its way through the federal & state governments.