Fixing Ohio Starts with Taking Back Our Ohio Republican Party

Ohio is broken:
  • We have one of the country’s worst opioid addiction & death problems.
  • We have failing public schools in which our children are being used as political pawns.
  • We are the most corrupt state in the union.
  • We have a Governor who should be investigated not re-elected.
  • We pay twice the taxes Florida does with half the results.
  • Our government is bloated and unresponsive to Ohioans.
  • We have election fraud in Ohio which our Secretary of State refuses to investigate.

Ohio is a “red” state, meaning we are a majority Republican state. The Ohio Republican Party (ORP) should be representing all Ohio Republicans. Unfortunately it doesn't. It is completely corrupted and compromised. You can learn more HERE.

To fix our state we must fix our party. To do this we must elect Reform Republican candidates to the ORP State Central Committee (SCC) which is the elected governing body of the ORP. We can do this on Tuesday, August 2nd. During Ohio’s second 2022 primary election on August 2nd, Republicans vote on new State Central Committee (SCC) members.

We MUST vote on Tuesday, August 2nd!

You can find a list of Reform Republican candidates HERE.

Below are some Frequency Asked Questions:

What is the Ohio Republican Party (ORP) State Central Committee (SCC)?

The ORP SCC is the governing body of the Republican Party in Ohio which is officially called The Ohio Republican Party. It is an elected body of 66 “Members”.

Who is on the SCC?

There are 1 male & 1 female member from each Ohio Senate District in Ohio. There are 33 Ohio Senate Districts.

When are ORP SCC members elected?

ORP SCC members are elected every 2 years during primary elections in even-numbered years. They serve for 2-years and must be re-elected to continue to serve. There are no term limits for SCC members.

How does the SCC operate/conduct its business?

The ORP SCC is governed by a set of bylaws (link). In the bylaws meetings must be managed using “Robert’s Rules of Order” (link).

What are some of the things the SCC does (or should do)?
  • Plan a State Convention every two years.
  • Develop a Vision, Goals, Priorities, and Platform for the Party to approve at the State Convention.
  • Review and make suggested changes to the bylaws for approval the State Convention.
  • Hire a CEO to manage ORP activities and review their performance.
  • Develop a Quarterly budget for the Party.
  • Develop an organizational chart and Job descriptions with the CEO - for staff members, employees, and contractors.
  • Serve on the Standing Committees of the Central Committee.
  • Provide Candidate Services to Republican candidates - Coordinate with County Parties.
  • Receive and communicate feedback from your district.
  • Identify underperforming county parties and assist with education and party resources.
  • Raise funds for the party.
  • Attend County Central Committee meetings in your district.

Thanks to Ohio Promise Keepers for this list!

What potential Conflicts of Interest exist for the sitting members of the ORP SCC who are running for re-election?
Video Explaining Ohio Political Party State Central Committees